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This 7-day Free Email Course Will Show You How to Grow a SaaS Startup’s Organic Traffic & MRR Using SEO.

Learn proven SEO strategies to drive qualified traffic, acquire more signups, and grow MRR for your SaaS startup.

Gain Traction Using SEO

If you’ve been struggling to gain traction using SEO, this email series will help you greatly.

For 7 days, you’ll get an email from me every single day that includes:

A specific SEO strategy that you can try for your SaaS startup.

Why it works really well for SaaS startups like yours.

Example(s) of SaaS brands that have leveraged each SEO strategy to grow.

How to implement the same to grow your SaaS startup.

Additional resources you can learn from.

What You'll Learn
From The 7-day Email Series

Day 1

The hidden power of zero volume keywords for SaaS startups.

Day 2

The SEO mistake costing your startup thousands of visitors and leads

Day 3

How to acquire 560+ SaaS Signups every month.

Day 4

How a SaaS startup acquired 5,000+ backlinks (without begging for them).

Day 5

How to write SEO content that ranks high, gets read, and drives conversions.

Day 6

An underrated SEO strategy to fast-track your startup’s growth.

Day 7

How to Use Ungated Templates to Convert Website Visitors into Signups.

Our Reviews

“I have been reading your newsletters, and you are doing a great job”
Tanmay Ratnaparkhe
“This is the MOST comprehensive Content ROI-Led guide for early-stage SaaS founders.”
Aazar Ali Shad
Growth Marketing Consultant
“Been following AbdulGaniy Shehu for some time now and he definitely knows his shit.”
Aleks Miric
Co-founder, Welder